I think I need to go to camp!

I have to say, I love when I hear about programs that have been created to provide opportunities for the development and growth of an individual’s skills and abilities…combine that in a camp setting with a lake, trails, camp fire, water tubing, horseback riding, songs, and crafts…well, you see where I’m going with this right? Continue reading

Through The Looking Glass

When planning to blog about available resources, the title “through the looking glass” would not escape my head; I knew it was the title of an iconic book, but what did it really mean?  So I looked it up, and the first definition to pop up on Google states “Through the looking glass is a metaphorical expression. It means: on the strange side, in the twilight zone, in a strange parallel world.”

Now, I have to tell you, when I hear parents talk about trying to get all the information, they voice being confused, angry, and frustrated. They feel like they are missing some vital link that can make sense of what Passport funding is, what services are available, what to consider if hiring a PSW for a family member… and to me it feels like they are trying to see through this fabled mirror into a strange parallel world; no wonder they are exhausted! Continue reading