Take Charge of Your Health

Staying healthy is an important part of having a good life.  There are times we have to see medical professionals (like Doctors, Naturopaths etc.) to make sure we stay healthy or to help us get better when we are sick.  It can be difficult to remember everything we want to tell the doctor when we are at the appointment.  It is helpful to write out how we are doing before we go so we can give it to the doctor.  You can ask someone to help you write it down or do it yourself. A tool to use is 5.2-My-Healthcare-Visit that Surrey Place has developed.  When you start to feel sick, write on paper all the different things that you are feeling.  It will help the doctor to figure out what is happening to you and get you the best care.

Take charge of the doctor’s appointment.  This is about you.  If you do not understand something ask your doctor to explain.  If you find it helpful to have a support with you, ask someone you trust to come with you.  They can write down the information you receive at the appointment so you can have it later to remember.  You can also ask your doctor to write it down for you.

Medications and taking them correctly are another important part of living independently. Here is a link to a video brochure with information about taking medications, What I need to know about taking medication.   Your doctor or pharmacist can also answer your questions. It’s always okay to ask questions and make sure you understand.  It’s all about you!


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