Watch out for your roadblocks

A common type of statement…”we tried that two or three years ago and it wasn’t successful, he/she couldn’t learn it, It was too hard, or it didn’t work out”, and said in reference to a suggested or proposed idea aimed at supporting, assisting, encouraging, or expanding an individual’s ability or skills, and made not only by parents and paid staff, but also the actual individual themselves.It is voiced often, and the mindset behind it can be very stubborn about being open to the same idea, proposed in a new time.

What feeds it? Why?

Because they really had tried ‘that’ (whatever it is) two, or three, or five years ago, and yes it was not successful…then! And now, people are burned out…fatigued …or just stuck in a rut.

Why try again…what could possibly be different? What has changed?

Time. It changes everything in some way…perhaps the individual themselves is different, older, more mature, has experienced ‘more’ which has changed who they are? Maybe the tools or resources available have changed…everything evolves, technology, approaches, and procedures needed to implement an idea. Maybe new staff or support system with new thoughts and new energy required to put the effort in.

Whatever it is, I do believe that past ideas are not necessarily to be avoided.

So my advice, take another look at that roadblock, perhaps there is now a way over or around it…or maybe, it’s just not there anymore.

~Tami Schaafsma

One thought on “Watch out for your roadblocks

  1. Great blog! Got me thinking.

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