Working on Independence at Home

We have found that there are apps to use on your cell phone or tablet that can be helpful for organizing all the independent living tasks that need to be completed.  In the TIFS program we come across many of them through word of mouth or stumbling on something we find useful.  Today I opened an email!

Let me tell you about a website that I was given to review.

This website created by the University of Quebec Trois Rivieres has taken helpful independent living apps and organized them.  They are found under 12 category headings that include topics such as budget, housekeeping, hygiene, nutrition, among others. When you click on Technologies Directory you are taken to the categories.  I downloaded a few of the apps to try and I was impressed with them.  They have far more than what I explored but here is info about just a couple.  If you have the time the website is worth visiting.

Youmiam is an app that offers simple recipes based on what foods you like and your level of expertise in cooking.  I like that the ingredients are listed with a picture of the item beside it.  The recipes I looked at had just a few ingredients and easy to follow instructions.

Shopping List 2017 has a free setting that does not come with a lot of grocery items but if you pay for the app they offer more items.  The grocery items have the name of the food and a picture symbol beside it.  You click on the ones you need to create your grocery list.  When you are grocery shopping you click on the items on your shopping list and they are moved to purchased so you can see what you have left to pick up.  Super easy to use and great to help you remember everything you need.

We are always seeking out new tools to help people develop and maintain their independence.  If you have any tools you have found that are helpful list them in the comments.  It’s a great way for everyone to learn from each other.

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