Cooking up the right tools for success!

My two favorite things…food, and apps or websites that promote building a person’s independent ability…like the one I found called LOOK, COOK, AND EAT.First, it deals with food, second, it’s a teaching tool…taking on the challenge of how to be successful in learning a basic life skill…COOKING!

This digital cooking magazine breaks the task of learning how to cook into realistic, easy to follow steps…the only hiccup, there is a cost.

There are 6 digital issues of the magazine each year, for a cost of $30 US, equaling about $40 Canadian. Each issue offers 9 menus, which only require up to 9 food items, and 9 kitchen tools, to make, followed with step by step videos. Simple and clear cut!

The creator, Sue Hoss (plus partners), has stated that there are some future changes to occur, such as making it membership based, and that they hope to expand it to include other applications such as for gardening, art, wellness, and exercise. She also mentioned that for Canadians who wish to subscribe, measurements will be different (such as cups to millilitres, so conversion may be necessary…or not as we still seem to have both measurements listed on recipes and cooking tools on our side of the border)

I suggest you check out their website…it’s attractive, informative, and easy to use. One additional point…I used the contact page to ask questions, and had responses in a reasonable amount of time…key seller for me, as still I have questions out there on other sites I sent a year ago, and have never heard back from…so aggravating!

And if you decide to try it out…I would love to hear how its working for you!

~Tami Schaafsma

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