Cooking up the right tools for success!

My two favorite things…food, and apps or websites that promote building a person’s independent ability…like the one I found called LOOK, COOK, AND EAT. Continue reading

Talking about budgets…it’s not a game until you make it one.

The topic of how to budget, or even what is budgeting, is a difficult and frustrating concept if no practical experience is occurring. To make this topic more tangible, and interactive, I began treating it like a game and created a format to be played over a simulated two month period.

Called “Life Happens Budgeting Game”, the purpose is to introduce real life situations that can occur and may need to be thought out before a decision is made, such as a friend asking to borrow money. The purpose is to begin the discussion of what money a person has coming in and what it’s used for during the month.  Some expenses players can see coming, such as the frequent stops for grocery shopping or end of the month rent, while other expenses are unexpected and can be spur of the moment, as demonstrated through the ‘Life Happens’ cards. Continue reading

I think I need to go to camp!

I have to say, I love when I hear about programs that have been created to provide opportunities for the development and growth of an individual’s skills and abilities…combine that in a camp setting with a lake, trails, camp fire, water tubing, horseback riding, songs, and crafts…well, you see where I’m going with this right? Continue reading

How Can I Encourage You…..


If you ask a question and I give you an answer…I am helping you.

If you ask a question and I show you how to look for an answer…I am encouraging your ability to be resourceful in finding answers on your own.

If I block all the things that can be difficult for you…I am helping you.

If I show you how to deal with the things that can be difficult for you…I am encouraging your ability to be prepared for difficult things.

If I pick you up each time you fall…I am helping you.

If I show you how to get up when you fall…I am encouraging your ability to be resilient when falling in the future.

If I tell you what you need…I am helping you.

If I ask you what you need…I am encouraging your ability to be aware of your own needs for yourself.


Now…how can I encourage you?


~Tami Schaafsma

Budgeting CENTS: Step ONE

A hot topic of conversation that frequently occurs between my manager and I, is about budgeting and money and the challenges in educating and coaching our participants about it.  I feel confident in saying that most of the participants…and not just those who have difficulties understanding basic math… struggle with this area, and that it is one of the major concerns for parents in relation to the preparation of their adult child living independently.

So, what’s the solution? Continue reading