Still just reading…

I am seriously addicted to looking things up on the internet. Thank you to my employer who allows this skill to be a part of my job .

I have found more websites that may prove useful, if not at least interesting…I hope.Best Buddies…awesome and I wish I knew about it when I was in school!

Volunteers with and without intellectual disabilities agree to be paired with each other for one school year (Elementary, high school, college and university) with the idea in not only building peer support but also friendships. Though not all schools currently have a chapter, they are always looking for people to start one up where they are.

Tax credits and deductions for persons with disabilities, their supporting family members, and their caregivers…sorry, know this is a little late in the year but hope it helps for next tax season.

ARCH Disability Law Centre…so much of interest in this one for areas of legal and rights concerns.

Provides a range of legal services to people with disabilities who live in Ontario, disability advocacy organizations, and the legal profession

PDF info document outlining DSO…who qualifies, what is covered, etc. (provided by ARCH)

Charity Village…ok, not crazy about the name but this site has been around for years and has a fantastic amount of information from across Canada.

It has become the Canadian non-profit sector’s largest and most popular online resource for recruiting, news and how-to information.

Ok, this is it for now; my brain needs a break…so many ideas and resources out there!

Tami Schaafsma~

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