About Us

Our Mission:

Providing individuals with an intellectual disability an evaluation of their independent living skills, in a safe environment, while creating the opportunities to grow, with a direct focus on transitioning out of their current home.

Click here for a video on Trying It On For Size

What this means is…

We observe, coach and discuss … the intention is to see what life skills and abilities you have, or can learn, either on your own or with supports helping you.  We collect this information and provide an evaluation that can assist with your next move in life.

Who it is for…

Individuals over 18 years old, live in Waterloo Region, are referred through Developmental Services Ontario, and are looking to transition out of their current home.

How the program works…

Participants come to a fully furnished home, set up specifically for TIFS, one stay per month for up to 6 months. For the first 3 months, stays are 2 nights and you can receive 24 hour staffing support.   From 4-6 months a stay can be up to 5 nights with a maximum of 8 hours support each day; if needed your own supports overnight can be used at this time.

Now…considering TIFS?

To be able to attend, and to support your journey towards your own home, there is a method of steps we would like you to consider…

…where Trying It On For Size fits in!





…and for further information please check out our brochure! 


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